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The work we do

“Teachers are, and have always been, the primary focus of schooling systems around the world. Being the single most important element of the education system, the quality of a country’s teachers is intimately related with the quality of its education system.”
(Spaull, 2013, p. 24)

We provide direct in-classroom support and training to:

  • 48 primary schools

  • Across 4 provinces in South Africa

  • Directly impacting 262 teachers

  • Indirectly benefiting 12,221 children they teach


Our mentors use techniques from the book “Teach Like a Champion” to support excellent teaching practice. This book comprising 62 teaching techniques used by Master Teachers around the world, is focused around creating a classroom environment that is conducive to teaching and learning. Our team focuses on the following objectives during their time in the classroom:


  • Classroom culture: organization and systems, discipline, good learner behaviour and physical aspects of the classroom

  • Planning: CAPS, lesson structure, delivery, pacing and differentiation

  • Engaging Learners: Active Learning, ratio, building confidence, use of resources and encouraging critical thinking

  • Continuous Assessment: Checking for understanding and gathering data


Schools are provided with the weekly support of a Foundation and Intermediate Phase mentor. These two mentors work with 3 teachers in each of the Foundation (Grade 1-3) and Intermediate (Grade 4-6) Phases, at each of the schools on each visit. Each teacher is provided with a reflective journal to help support them in improving their teaching practice. Our mentors provide teachers with feedback on their classes in the journal, and in turn they are asked to reflect on and implement this feedback until they are next visited by their mentor. The mentor also discusses with the teachers any specific challenges they have experienced and sensitively recommends possible solutions for the teachers to implement.

This part of our project has been accredited by the South African Council of Educators (SACE), which means teachers will get Professional Development Points for taking part.

The below Teach Like a Champion workshops have also been accredited.

Teach Like a Champion Workshops

Edufundi has developed its own Teach Like a Champion workshops to introduce and practice our chosen 19 techniques. These techniques are used as a framework for mentoring and supporting teachers. We have adapted them for the South African context and use training videos in the learners’ and teachers’ home language (e.g. isiXhosa and recently isiZulu, with subtitles) to make materials accessible for all our teachers. We offer these workshops to all staff members at our supported schools which have now been accredited by the South African Council of Educators, which means teachers will get Professional Development Points for taking part.   

They have been broken down into three workshops:

Workshop 1 – Classroom Behaviour and Culture (classroom management techniques): This workshop concentrates on creating systems and routines to allow teachers to manage their classes. These techniques are focused around creating a classroom culture conducive to learning and teaching. Many teachers battle with discipline in their classrooms, especially with the large number of learners in our schools. The workshop provides teachers with simple tools and techniques to create a suitable learning environment. Our teachers have noticed that since they have been using these techniques, they are better able to manage their classes and spend more time teaching. 

Workshop 2 –  Academic Ethos (teacher planning techniques): The focus of this workshop is to set high academic expectations, plan for success, develop a lesson structure, pace the lesson and implement the CAPS document. The focus here is on supporting teachers in the effective planning of their lessons. Using the CAPS document, this workshop provides teachers with a lesson-planning template, and helps teachers set a measurable, manageable and achievable objective for their lesson, as well as an Exit Ticket, or activity at the end of the lesson, to ensure that the objective they set for their learners has been achieved. The aim of the lesson-planning template is to support teachers in Double Plan so that they provide time for learners to become engaged in the material they are teaching. They plan for what both they and the learners will do.

Workshop 3 – Checking for Understanding and Ratio: The focus of this workshop is to provide teachers with tools that will allow them to gather data on whether what they have taught has been learnt by their learners and the tools to act on that data through questioning, writing and discussion. The purpose is to ensure that all learners actively participate in a lesson, not just those who understand and always put up their hands. We also encourage teachers to build a ‘Culture of Error’ in their classrooms where all learners feel comfortable participating and trying to answer questions without being ridiculed for making mistakes.

Lead Like a Champion

In order to make a sustainable impact at our schools and in order to positively influence the culture of the schools we support we are focusing on making our Leadership support programme even more effective.

We have partnered with renowned education and Instructional Leadership expert, Alistair Witten to strengthen and develop our offering to School Leadership Teams. Dr Witten holds degrees from the University of Cape Town and the University of the Western Cape. He obtained a Doctorate in Education at Harvard University. He has extensive practice-based and training experience in the areas of school leadership and management; organizational change and development; and systemic school improvement.

The core focus of our support to schools is around Instructional Leadership. This is related to the core work of schools that is “Teaching & Learning” and can further be defined as “… the guidance and direction of instructional improvement” (Elmore). The leadership activities in the school should therefore be connected to and supportive of the teaching and learning processes.

Principals and School Management Teams (SMT) are often so consumed by managing resources and completing administration tasks for the Education Department that the business of teaching and learning is forgotten. The main aim of a school is to ensure that all learners are educated. Teachers need support and guidance to ensure that this happens effectively.

We have already begun piloting these workshops in the Western Cape and they will be rolled out across the project throughout 2018.

Central Operations Functions

Our experienced head office support team is constantly upgrading and streamlining systems and procedures to take the organization forward in line with international best practice. Our collective experience in NGOs, grant management and funding, education, marketing, accounting and community outreach takes care of the following Edufundi functions:








Meet our Central Operations Team

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Teach Like a Champion in action

Our organisation makes use of Doug Lemov’s book “Teach Like a Champion” to mentor and support our teachers. This video illustrates how well Ms Mncono, an Edufundi supported teacher, is implementing many of the techniques in her Grade 3 Maths class at Charles Duna Primary School in the Eastern Cape.

Teachers we support

Where Edufundi has successfully established a relationship of trust with the principal of a school, as well as with the teachers, teacher confidence and learner results have improved.