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Teaching And Learning Is Now Fun In My Class

This is how the Grade 4 mentee at Lehlohonolo, Ms Kebogilwe Khuse, now feels about teaching and learning after getting the Edufundi support.


Le yindlela utitshala waseLehlohonolo, uNkosazana Kebogilwe Khuse, aziva ngayo ngoku malunga nokufunda kwanokufundisa kwiklasi yakhe yeBanga lesi-4 emva kokufumana inkxaso kwabakwa-Edufundi.


“With my 27 years of teaching, I thought I had mastered everything about teaching. I never thought that after such a long time and with all the experience I have gained, there is still a lot to learn.”  This is what Ms Kebogilwe Khuse says, after receiving the Edufundi mentoring support for one and a half years. Ms Khuse is now an Intermediate Phase teacher at Lehlohonolo. She started teaching in 1991. She taught Foundation Phase for a number of years and she was fortunate to be mentored by Foundation Phase Edufundi mentor, Joyce Baholo, in 2017. From the beginning of 2018 she changed to the Intermediate Phase and is now teaching Grade 4.


“I was kind of lost at the beginning of the year as I was going to teach and implement curriculum at a phase which was kind of new to me. With the guidance and support of my mentor, Ntsiki Ntusikazi, it became a lot more manageable as she eased me into the phase. She supported me with the unpacking of the curriculum and with the techniques that helped me achieve effective learning and teaching. At the beginning of the year, my learners’ behaviour needed more attention and they lacked the enthusiasm and energy to learn. Through demonstration lessons and the mentoring support I got from Ntsiki, I am proud to say: I am now feeling very confident teaching this phase and my learners are no longer disruptive. They are energised and focused. They enjoy learning and I enjoy spending teaching time with them.” says Ms Khuse.


Ms Khuse shared the secret of having fun in her class as follows: 


“I have been supported to use different techniques but my top techniques that have changed my learners for the better are the DO NOW and the CULTURE OF ERROR. This is how the DO NOW has made a difference in my class:

  • My learners are now time conscious and they manage their time effectively.

  • The DO NOW has created an environment of constructive competition among them as everybody wants to get all the Do Now questions correct and finish on time.

  • Noise in my class is now history during the beginning of a period.

This is what she has to say about the CULTURE OF ERROR:


“My learners have learnt that the person who learns effectively is the one who makes mistakes or errors. My classroom is a place where learners are not scared to give an incorrect answer. This has improved learner performance, participation and confidence.  They now believe in themselves. The evidence of this was seen when in June 2018, my two Grade 4 learners entered a spelling competition, where a number of schools participated, called SPELLING BEE and they took the first and the second prize. I am very proud of them!!


Edufundi has been a blessing to me and my learners. It is true that we learn until we die. Big up to Edufundi!”

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