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Do Not Teach Yourself

August 2, 2018

“Do not teach yourself”

“I often wondered why my mentor Mr. Brighton Tshuma would echo these words during feedback
sessions. I tried hard to understand him until one day when he explained that most of my teaching
sessions were not child-centered but more of a lecture method. He promised to assist me to address this challenge through the use of Teach Like a Champion Techniques (TLAC). He showed me love and friendly support”, said Mr. Morudu.

In my last blog I promised to present to you a second blog about Mr. Morudu, a Mathematics teacher based at Lion Park Primary School who managed to embrace Teach Like a Champion

Techniques (TLAC) quite well in his teaching and learning sessions. Mr. Morudu has not only
embraced the techniques but he shares the techniques with his colleagues at his school and those
outside his school. “My journal book has been borrowed by high school teachers after introducing
TLAC techniques to them.” said Mr. Morudu. Not only are the teachers from Lion Park benefitting,
but other schools and teachers too.

According to Mr. Morudu, Edufundi’s mentoring and support programme helped him to address
classroom management and discipline which has been a thorn in the entire school. He used the
100% attention technique to maintain order and discipline during lessons. He also pointed out that
the use of Threshold and Entry Routines motivated him to be punctual for every lesson and
assembly. He also mentioned that the techniques made it easy for him to introduce classroom rules and be able to reinforce it to the learners.

He went on to applaud the implementation of the Double Planning technique which has improved
his lesson presentations and aligned his teaching with the requirements of the CAPS document
policy and assessment standards. Double Planning techniques offered him an opportunity to
organise and monitor group work and pair work effectively and efficiently. Children’s engagement
and the level of participation during lessons has improved. Learners feel free to share their views
and ideas during lesson development. Lessons flow and teacher/pupil relationship has promoted Joy Factor. He also mentioned the importance of giving learners feedback after every written activity. He uses the Culture of Error technique to instill good classroom practices in learners. Learners are taught how to accept and tolerate others when they make mistakes.


 Mr. Morudu stated that “My mentor always encouraged me to make sure that I prepare for every lesson to be taught. His emphasis was always on ‘Do not teach yourself’ and the implementation of TLAC techniques, especially the use of the Double Planning technique and steps involved. He taught me to begin every lesson by preparing learners and assuring them that learning is fun and enjoyable.


I used to shout during my lessons and my mentor Mr. Tshuma discouraged it and rather encouraged me to implement techniques and come up with games, songs and other relevant techniques to bring Joy Factor into my lessons."


Mr Morudu noticed that "another area where my mentor assisted me with was not to continue teaching when learners were not paying total attention. He encouraged me to constantly remind learners of classroom rules and observing rules to their totality. I feel empowered and have been given lifelong heritage that will assist me in my teaching career."


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