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Pencil Project Campaign


Many of the schools that Edupeg supports lack basic stationery resources. It is not uncommon to see three or more learners sitting at one desk and sharing one pencil between them for an entire class. Learners clutch onto the tiniest of pencils so as not to lose them, as they know that if they do they wouldn’t simply be able to buy another one. Pencils and other basic educational resources are in high demand and short supply, they diminish quickly because so many learners rely on the same supplies. A deficit of these basic resources creates an unsuitable learning environment. Without access to these basic resources, proper learning simply cannot take place.  


In response to this need we created a crowd-funding campaign to raise awareness. We called this project “The Pencil Project”. Our ultimate goal was to raise enough funds to provide 2,274 learners at five of our primary schools in KwaZulu-Natal with ‘The Full Box’ of basic stationery. This included: thick pencils, thin pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners, scissors, rulers, thick and thin wax crayons.


We used Thundafund as our crowd-funding platform and we marketed this campaign via our Facebook page and word of mouth. We asked friends, family and colleagues to contribute. Everyone came forth and supported us so generously. Donations came in from across the globe; all the way from Canada to New Caledonia! Molin stationers also provided us with a fantastic discount on the stationery. They also packed up everything, per grade, per school and had everything sorted and boxed for us to send on to our schools.


The five schools Zuzokuhle, Zamimfundo, Dalmeny, Phelelani, and Bonisanani Primary eagerly awaited their arrival and were excited to have received such wonderful, basic learning tools. Edupeg’s mentors, Mrs G and Robyn Pitot, are thrilled that their schools now have these basic educational resources to complement our support, so that effective teaching and learning can take place.









Wow! THANK YOU EDUPEG. Mrs Zondi, Dalmeny Primary Principal.               Grateful Grade 1 and 2 teachers at Bonisanani Primary.


Thank you so much to each and every individual who made the “Pencil Project” such a success. In total we raised R73, 964.37, the majority of which was raised via Thundafund, as well as direct donations. The total amount raised ensured we were able to provide “The Full Box’ of stationery to each learner, as well as cover our courier costs. We are so grateful for your support in ensuring that each and every learner has access to basic stationery in these schools. This meaningful contribution will ensure that teachers can fulfil their roles to the best of their abilities, and that learners can indeed reach their full potential!

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