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Launch in 10 primary schools in Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal

June 18, 2015

The support given to these 10 schools is made possible by the generous donations and support of two donors: The FP&M Seta and the HCI Foundation.


The Edupeg project provides schools with qualified, experienced mentors, to provide in-classroom support and mentorship to teachers to deliver National Education Department Curriculum in an effective manner, while simultaneously instilling confidence and self-esteem in their teaching abilities.


Edupeg Mentors are focused on enhancing teacher capacity in the following areas:

  • Classroom culture: organization and systems, discipline, good learner behaviour and physical aspects of the classroom

  • Planning: CAPS, lesson structure, delivery, pacing and differentiation

  • Engaging Learners: Active Learning, ratio, building confidence, use of resources and encouraging critical thinking

  • Continuous Assessment: Checking for Understanding and gathering Data


Edupeg supplies primary schools with our Edupeg educational resource, which consists of 22 colour-coded workbooks, which contain perceptual, literacy, numeracy, life skills, human and environmental sciences activities. Our materials are used in classes only when they complement the CAPS curriculum. In-depth staff training and ongoing support is provided by qualified teachers, who regularly visit the schools and engage with educators.


Each school benefits from the support of a team of two Edupeg mentors; one Foundation Phase mentor and one Intermediate Phase mentor. During each visit the Edupeg mentor provides feedback to the teacher. Each supported teacher keeps a reflective journal of their teaching practice and how they have incorporated the skills and feedback given during Edupeg trainer visits, into their teaching practice .This enables teachers to record any challenges or questions that arise during their cycle of visits. They can also record and reflect on their successes- how these were achieved and how they can be replicated.


The selected schools:

Edupeg worked closely with the Provincial Education Departments to select five schools in each province that could benefit from Edupeg’s in-classroom approach to teacher support and mentorship. In the Eastern Cape, Edupegs programme is being implemented in Tyutyu Primary, Jityaza Primary, Noncedo Primary, EZ Pondo Primary, and Ngqika Primary. And in KwaZulu-Natal at Bonisanani Primary, Dalmeny Primary, Phelelani Primary, Zamimfundo Primary and Zuzokuhle Primary.



The launches:

Both launches were hosted at one of the selected primary schools and attended by representatives from Edupeg, staff from each school, learners, school governing bodies, Education Department Officials and donors.


Eastern Cape – 14 May 2015, Jityaza Primary School, King Williams Town


The launch was an exceptional and impressive event, the host schools’ commitment to this project was evident in their involvement at the launch, with learners and teachers all participating. The school spent many dedicated hours on the preparation for the day, it was an event not to be missed! The combined classrooms used for the days event were transformed into a glamorous space, much to the delight of all the guests.


The schools choir opened the launch to much excitement and jubilation by all. A traditional dance and drumming was also met with praise from the proud teachers, followed by a skit, based on the Edupeg educational resources, which are donated to each school. The importance this project holds in the communities was very evident and the project has the full support of each of the schools, their key teachers, principals, SGB’s and and learners.


KwaZulu-Natal – 28 May 2015, Zamimfundo Primary School, Ntuzuma:














Together with the staff at Zamimfundo Primary School the Edupeg team successfully launched the project into five schools in the Ntusuma cluster. The Edupeg team and the school spent may dedicated hours on the preparation for the day.
Two learners from Zamimfundo Primary opened the launch with the schools vision and mission, followed by leaners whom recited poetry. The school’s choir performed a beautiful song, followed by the Grade R learners who entertained the guests, with a Nursery Rhyme to much excitement. A traditional dance, was also met by praise from the proud teachers, principals and guests.



We are very excited about these partnerships and look forward to building strong and continued relationships with these schools

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